Custom photo brochures provide Sensory Ecstasy,

which could increase your bottom line by as much as 20%

OTHER BROKERS instruct you to log onto the web to view your property.  With Stan Hillhouse, that step is eliminated!!  The presentation is in your hand.


The custom four page professionally printed photo brochures are the most difficult, and expensive tools of advertising to produce. However, these images go directly to the heart of telling the right story and conveying the highest perception of value to a potential buyer.  This printed custom brochure is the ultimate sales tool for the  “buyers broker“ who quite often selects the homes to show.  A PDF version  is produced so that  Buyers anywhere in the world can see compelling photos of your home and make the determination in a matter of seconds if this is the home for them.  This gives you as a seller a distinct advantage over all other sellers, for this presentation cuts down on unnecessary showings that waste your time.  These inspirational photo brochures are available at the sign post for everyone to have, as well as distributed to the brokers in the area. This is the “Silent Sales Person” that takes the best images of your home directly to the purchaser. Stan's services include staging, lighting  and shooting of the interior and exterior, day and/or night photography, and professionally drafts the  floor and site plans.   A detailed list features the essential details of value and substance,  plus an area map clearly defines your location. Stan will take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!


Stan Hillhouse, PC.


Associate Broker / Architectural Photographer

MRES Master of Real Estate Society

Specializing in the Sales and Promotion of Luxury Real Estate Since 1978








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